ON WALLS is a small, independent and free research group on walls and practices related to walls (planners, administrators, investors, muralists, graffiti writers, street artists, designers, advertisers…) in the context of contemporary urban environments. Please see the "About" page for more info.


Stephen Yusuff



University of Liverpool, UK


First degree in Law from Nigeria, Masters in Criminology from University of Liverpool; studying for a PhD (PhD study is affiliated with Cultural Criminology, Resistance Theory, Urban Sociology and Youth Subcultures)

Other Academic Interests:

Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Social Science, Sociology of Knowledge, social and political theory.

PhD Topic:

A Critical Criminology of Resistance and Space: An Empirical Study of Graffiti writers and Skateboarders.

PhD Progress:

presented two conference papers so far. In Sept 2006 at the University of Liverpool School of Sociology Annual Postgraduate Conference, presented paper titled ‘Anti-surveillance in Public Spaces: A Foucauldian Perspective’; in Sept 2007 at the same conference presented a paper titled ‘What is this “micro-resistance?” Graffiti writers, skateboarders, resistance, space ’

Previous Teaching Duties:

taught on Punishment and Prisons, Crime Deviance and Culture and Controversies in Crime, Justice and Punishment at the University of Liverpool. Also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Chester.