ON WALLS is a small, independent and free research group on walls and practices related to walls (planners, administrators, investors, muralists, graffiti writers, street artists, designers, advertisers…) in the context of contemporary urban environments. Please see the "About" page for more info.


Yair Wallach



BSC computer science and general studies in humanities

MA Modern History

PhD History of Art


A study of urban texts in Jerusalem between 1858 and 1948. Looking comparatively at Arabic and Hebrew, in use on various artefacts in the urban environment: money, banners, graffiti, stone inscriptions, shopsigns and street names. I am describing a cultural change and its implications, as old ways of writing make room for new ones, in the troubled context of Palestine.


I am using a range of sources and disciplines to investigate and reach conclusions: photographic material, drawings and paintings of Jerusalem; memoirs, autobiographies, travellogues and novels that give me an account of how text was read and perceived; archival material of the British administration in Palestine between 1917-1948, to understand British perception of urban texts.


An article in Hebrew, on the Graffiti on the Wailing Wall.

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