ON WALLS is a small, independent and free research group on walls and practices related to walls (planners, administrators, investors, muralists, graffiti writers, street artists, designers, advertisers…) in the context of contemporary urban environments. Please see the "About" page for more info.


Kurt Iveson


Senior Lecturer in Urban Geography, School of Geosciences, University of Sydney NSW 2006. Australia

Research Interests:

I am primarily interested in the many ways that cities are mobilised as sites, objects and subjects of public address. This has included research on graffiti in Sydney and in the UK, and on outdoor advertising in Australia and New Zealand. As well as the academic publications below, I have been a contributing writer for Graphotism magazine since 2000.

Selected publications:

Iveson, K. (2008 forthcoming) “The City versus the Media? Mapping the mobile geographies of public address”, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 33(1).

Fincher, R. and Iveson, K. (2008) Planning and Diversity in the City: Redistribution, Recognition and Encounter, Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Iveson, K. (2007) Publics and the City, Oxford: Blackwell.

Iveson, K. (2006) “Cities for Angry Young People? From exclusion and inclusion to engagement in urban policy” in Gleeson, B. and Sipe, N. (eds) Creating Child Friendly Cities, Routledge: 49-65.

Iveson, K. (2006) “Strangers in the cosmopolis” in Binnie, J., Holloway, J., Millington, S. and Young, C. (eds) Cosmopolitan Urbanism, Routledge: 70-86.

d’Souza, M. and Iveson, K. (1999) “Homies and Homebrewz: hip hop in Sydney” in White, R. (ed) Australian Youth Subcultures: on the margins and in the mainstream, Hobart, Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies.

Work in Progress

Iveson, K. (in progress) “War is over (if you want it): new approaches to the ‘graffiti problem’.

Editor, Special Issue of City on Graffiti and Street Art, December 2009

Iveson, K. (in progress) “The city as advertising space: outdoor advertising and urban governance in Australia and New Zealand”

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