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Francesca Cozzolino


Art Sociologist; PhD student. Born in Piacenza (Italy). Graduated in July 2004 in art history at the University of Bologna with a thesis on French cultural politics and new places for contemporary art, specifically artists’ squats and the ‘friches.’

Since then, Miss Cozzolino has continued her studies in France, where, in 2005, she has completed her DEA (a second degree of specialization) at the School of Graduate Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) with a thesis on political murals of Sardinia.

After completing her DEA, she’s started her PhD in sociology at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Contemporary Anthropology (IIAC) of the EHESS in Paris, France. Since then, she has continued to carry on her research on murals working with Professor Beatrice FRANEKEL. In 2006 Miss Cozzolino has joint the research team “Anthropology of writing.”  Since January 2007 the team has been working, under the supervision of the above named faculty, on the ANR (National Research Agency) project, named “Politics of writing in an urban ambient.” As part of the project, Miss Cozzolino has been conducting fieldwork both in the city of Marseille, France, and in the city of Cagliari, Italy.

Along with her academic career, Miss Cozzolino has also been collecting many cultural experiences. As part of those, she has been working both cooperating with private artists, and, in a more institutionalized context, with cultural and political institutions. The Cultural Department of the Italian Embassy in Paris, the Institute of Italian Culture in Marseille, and the French Ministry of Culture, are among the latter.

Member since 2007 of the network Cultura 21 International (http://www.cultura21.net/), a  transdisciplinary group of artists researchers and cultural actors working on the notion of a « culture of sustainability ». In this context she develops, with the Cultura21 researches, the method of « action – research ».

Research interest:

Wall paintings, community murals, urban writing, text and image in urban space, art and politics, art and social change, art and activism, visual culture, art and sustainability ethnography, public space, East European city and Islands Latin America.

Recent publications :

Cozzolino F. « Il processo di artification nel caso dei murales della Sardegna », in (sous la direction de) Milena Giammaitoni, Incontri per una sociologia delle arti, l’Harmattan, janvier 2010.

Cozzolino F. « Les murs ont la parole. Un exemple de prise de parole sur le mur », in (a cura di) Andrea Mubi BRIGHENTI, The wall and the city/ Il muro e la città/Le mur et la ville, Professionaldreamers, Trento 2009.

Cozzolino F. “ L’affichage de la parole contestataire. Le cas de des murales d’Orsogolo », in  “Le mur comment média altérnatif ” ,dossier de la revue SILENCE, décembre 2009.

Cozzolino F. “The murals of Sardinia: a visual expression of political struggle” ,  Actes du colloque  33rd Conference on Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STPA) , October 11-13, 2007, New York City.

Cozzolino F. « Les murs ont la parole: Sardaigne », Le Tigre N°1, Paris, mars 2007

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