ON WALLS is a small, independent and free research group on walls and practices related to walls (planners, administrators, investors, muralists, graffiti writers, street artists, designers, advertisers…) in the context of contemporary urban environments. Please see the "About" page for more info.


Moira Bernardoni


Ph.D. student at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara and Early Stage Researcher in the Marie Curie Initial Training Network ‘Englobe’ (‘Enlightenment & Global History’ | www.englobe-itn.net), Moira Bernardoni is currently working on an interdisciplinary research about the social production of public space in Istanbul. The city offers a case study to investigate Henri Lefebvre’s theory of the dialectic relation between the production of space and the reproduction of social relations. His classic treaty ‘The Production of Space’ (1974) provides her main theoretical framework to engage graffiti as practice of socio-spatial resistance with a potential significance in the rethinking of the right to the city.

Prior to moving to Turkey and after her studies in philosophy, Moira followed an eclectic path, which led her to various work experiences in different fields and several European cities, where she partly experienced the possibility of an intercultural dialogue


Reseach interests:
urban space and its ihnabitants, sociospatial resistance


Featured papers

2012  ‘Graffiti in Istanbul: spatial misuse and right to visibility’. International Conference: ‘Istanbul. City Portrait’, University Iuav, School of Doctorate Studies, Venice.

2011  ‘Social production of public space in the Ottoman capital’. Architectural History Graduate Research Symposium VII. Spaces / Times / Peoples: City and Architectural History, Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

2011  ‘Envisaging the production of cosmopolitan space: is a cosmopolitan society possible without a cosmopolitan space?’. CBEES Conference, ‘Cosmopolitanism in a wider context: conceptualizing past & present’, Södertörn University, Stockholm.

2011  ‘Urban space and social practices in Istanbul’, in: Lo Squaderno, issue 21 (‘Dwelling: perspectives on the many ways of inhabiting cities’), pp. 45 – 48.

2011  ‘Social production of public space: urban stories of spatial resistance in Istanbul’. Marie Curie Researchers Symposium, Warsaw. ‘Science – Passion, Mission, Responsibilities’.

2011  ‘Social production of public space and intercultural education: urban stories of social and spatial resistance in Istanbul’. Simposio Internacional ENGLOBE, ‘Nuevas Perspectivas sobre Historia Global’, Universidad di Tella, Buenos Aires.