ON WALLS is a small, independent and free research group on walls and practices related to walls (planners, administrators, investors, muralists, graffiti writers, street artists, designers, advertisers…) in the context of contemporary urban environments. Please see the "About" page for more info.


Ruba Saleh


PhD student in Territorial Planning and Public Policies at the department of planning, IUAV Venice University of Architecture, Italy.
M.A in International Cooperazion and Development, Institute of Advanced Studies, Pavia University, Italy,BSC in Architecture, IUAV Venice University of Architecture.

By analyzing how the architecture in the hands of colonial power was able to develop a dual system with sophisticated spatial infrastructure in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), embodying the instrument of control, oppression, suspension of rights and separation, My PhD research seeks to challenge the  existing spatial order by proposing architecture as a non-violent resistance device involving the local community.

Research interests:
Power and space, popular resistance and territorial planning, spatial impariments and creativity, politics and public policies.